Prescription refills that are called into the office by you or your pharmacy require 72 hours to process. All prescription medicine refill requests are accepted during our normal business hours. Requests left with our answering service during non-business hours will not be filled.

Our office policy allows us to deny any requests for refills unless the patient has a follow-up appointment scheduled. In the event that a patient is out of medication and an appointment is scheduled within 4 days, the physician will approve a refill that will last until your next scheduled appointment. However, if that appointment is canceled after receiving the short-term refill, future refills will only be filled at the time of your next appointment.

Please be aware that there are multiple ways for obtaining your prescriptions. Some options may be a 30day or 90-day supply that you pick up at your local pharmacy or a 90-day supply that is sent to your home through a mail-order pharmacy. Please make sure that you specify this information when requesting a refill. We will do our best to make sure we honor those requests.

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